February 22, 2018

No. 7152

How to Get 10's

by Jim Wolfe

10girlHola Boss,

What I'm about to share with you today will increase your attractiveness immediately if you really take it to heart.

So let's get into it.

I've got a secret for you that you might not believe at first...

Brace yourself.

Ready? Ok,

Here it is:

You're already great with women!

You heard me, and I mean it 100%. It's true.

The problem is that you suck with goddesses.

You do pretty well with all the women you don't want already; you just mess up with the ones you put on a pedestal.

The good news is, that means you can apply what you normally do with women to the ones you really want as soon as you stop thinking of them as unattainable goddesses who are perfect and never take massive dumps. =)

It's actually not fair to women to put them on such a pedestal and they know they could never actually live up to your rosy view of them.

This isn't about putting women down at all (we don't do that here). It's about seeing and valuing them for WHO THEY REALLY ARE.

It's also about seeing more of your real value.

The Day I Took My SIGNED Poster Down

Do you have any posters of beautiful women hanging up in your room or maybe on your desktop background or camera roll?

I used to have ONE magazine cover hanging up in my room.

I've always been a bit more immune to the "goddess worship syndrome" than others.

I've never seen celebrities or people in power as anything more than ordinary people with flaws, problems, and good points as well.

Just like you and me.

That has served me very well in every aspect of my life, but one woman still got to me.

In all fairness, it's hard not to engage in some kind of "goddess worship" in our society because putting women on a pedestal (even though it also objectifies them) is something that is assumed and implied in almost every movie, song, and ad you come across.

It's the NORM to glorify beautiful women as superior beings...

But for me, this one was the only one who made it past my strong filter.

She's an actress who I find incredibly attractive and plays characters that I always enjoy.

Then one day she had a promotion where she signed the magazine cover she was featured on.

She really got me with that one. =)

Once she signed my magazine, I actually framed it and hung it up in my room.

I honestly didn't think too much about it and all the messages I was sending myself.

Until one day I ran across an article...

...that said her boyfriend had cheated on her.

That's when the illusion was broken for me.

This "goddess" that I thought so highly of for really no good reason just got cheated on by a guy that she dated.

"How could anyone cheat on her?" I asked myself (haven't you asked this about a girl sometime in your life)?

Well, he obviously didn't see her the same way I did.

As soon as I realized that having her on a pedestal was preventing me from actually being with women like that on some level, I HAD TO take the framed, signed poster down.

I will never put up another picture of an attractive woman anywhere again (unless it's a picture of my girlfriend/wife and I...).

Flip the Script 

If you really want to date "10's," you have to stop thinking of them as 10's.

Instead of thinking about "how to get" these women, think about the guys she ACTUALLY dates and falls for, and become that guy.<===This is huge and has nothing to do with net worth, looks, etc. I mean the attitude toward life and women that these guys have that she actually responds to. 

And I'm not saying you should be the kind of guy who cheats on his girlfriend or wife or even puts women down; far from it.

I'm only saying that you have to be the kind of guy the women you want actually respond positively to.

Which means treating them like real women and not goddesses.

Which they will appreciate even if you end up not being her type, especially if they are exceptionally good-looking.

She might even hook you up with one of her friends because it's so rare for guys to see a truly beautiful woman as a real person and treat her that way...

She might also be willing to go with you when you go out, which gives you an enormous amount of social proof with the other women in the venue.

There Are NO 10's

I encourage you to drop any kind of "rating scale" you might be using to evaluate women.

Instead, think of them as 0's (you're not interested in them) and 1's (you are interested in them).

That way your behavior will be more consistent and you'll actually have a chance with the women you really want.

You'll instantly take your dating success to the next level.

You'll be doing yourself and every woman you meet a favor by destroying all pedestals in your life.

Again, I'm not saying that you should get angry and start putting women down. It's just really important to see them for who they really are, especially if you want to date them.

And of course there are specific things you can do to increase and maintain their attraction for you, which we will continue to cover.

But for now, I want you to let this mindset shift roll around as you go about your day.

When you see an ad, notice what I'm talking about (the subtle goddess-worship).

When you hear a song, notice how it frames the woman as the more valuable one.

When you watch a movie or a TV show, pay attention to how it assumes the gorgeous woman is the prize all the men want.

What would the guy she actually falls for think about all of this?

Stop yourself from being sucked in.

Take your posters down and invite those women into your real life. =)

Until next time,



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