February 22, 2018

No. 1377

Never Get Rejected Again

(Follow These 4 Steps)

by Jim Wolfe

no more rejectionDid you know that most women actually HATE rejecting you, breaking up with you, and/or divorcing you?

Did you know that women are programmed to AVOID you when you chase them, no matter how amazing you are, and that a better, more natural approach can reduce your chances of rejection by over 90%?

Did you know that, if you're like a majority of men, you face rejection, the possibility of a woman leaving you, and/or the possibility of a woman cheating on you or divorcing you every single day just because you don't know a few basic principles through no fault of your own and that it's completely unnecessary?

And did you know that even if you beat the odds and manage to stay married to a woman you kind of like, there's still only a 10-30% chance that either one of you will be satisfied in your relationship after a few years?!

Did you know that in spite all of those scary realities, there's a natural, scientific, proven way to attract your ideal women and keep them interested in you as long as you want without changing your personality or using tricks? One that keeps you and the women you date satisfied as long as you want to be with them?

That means you don't have to worry about getting rejected, broken up with, cheated on, or divorced by a woman ever again.

And that means you never have to settle when it comes to women.

This isn't some "magic pill"...this is the REAL DEAL.

It doesn't require you to contort your personality to fit the mold of some "guru." You don't have to use "sleazy tricks," or wear outlandish outfits. You don't have to buy women drinks, dinners, gifts, and flowers. And you definitely don't have to pretend you don't want them or put them down.

Over the last 13 years I've peered into the lives of the most successful men in the world and learned their attraction and love secrets.

I've also read 100's of books from top experts looking at dating from every angle, read 100's of academic journal articles about dating and relationships, spent THOUSANDS of dollars on online and live training, coached real men in the real world to find out what REALLY works, gained lots of my own personal experience, and conducted original research involving real men who LEARNED to be successful with women.

I even earned my master's degree in Communication focusing on male/female dynamics and relationship satisfaction.

In that process I've discovered consistent success patterns that any guy can insert his unique personality into and attract his ideal women without using "tricks."

This step-by-step System has allowed regular guys from all over the world to LEARN to be successful with women. What's interesting is that all successful men throughout the history of humankind have followed this step-by-step process whether they knew it or not.

This is awesome if you want an amazing girlfriend, a fantastic wife, or you just want to date lots of beautiful, high-quality women.

That said, I have to warn you: some of the things you're about to hear may go against the dating and relationship advice you've been getting until today.

That's because:

  • Hollywood distorts the realities of dating and relationships in almost every movie and TV show you see...
  • Ad agencies want you to think that buying their client's brand of beer will get you the women you want...
  • Most of our music is about being incredibly needy...
  • Men's magazines give you confusing, contradictory, counterproductive advice...
  • Celebrities put their name on "relationship" books when they have no idea what they're talking about...
  • Some "dating gurus" teach you "sleazy tricks" and "robotic routines" that backfire as soon as you meet a woman you want to KEEP dating...
  • and good ol' Grandma gives you well-meaning yet misguided advice.

Our entire culture is working against you around the clock when it comes to your success with women.

Chasing women around, begging them to like you, begging them to STAY with you, wearing outlandish outfits, using cheesy pick-up lines, running robotic routines, buying them drinks, dinners, gifts, and flowers, writing them poems, serenading them through their windows at night, acting aloof, pretending you don't want them, and/or putting women down will not lead to you waking up next to the women you really want. Not in a million years!

These 4 steps reveal the 1 thing you ABSOLUELY MUST AVOID and the 3 things you MUST DO if you want to attract beautiful, high-quality women and keep them interested in you as long as you want

Listen: You've been misled long enough. What you need is a solid dose of reality and some advice that actually works. Sound good? Let's dive in:

Introducing the "Inception Method"

The Inception Method is based on one very simple, powerful idea (the "Inception Principle"):

It must be HER IDEA to:

keep talking to you,

kiss you,

hook up with you,

date you,

be your girlfriend,

be your wife,

and, most importantly, STAY with you

as long as YOU want her to.


Because, contrary to "popular belief," females are actually the aggressor in the human "mating dance," not men. You just have to LEAD the process along that encourages HER to chase YOU in an active way and then REFUSE to chase her once you trigger her chase mechanism...

...So your job, just like in the movie "Inception" is to ACTIVELY plant these "idea seeds" in her subconscious and then LET THEM GROW.

See, when everything is HER IDEA, you get what you desire without ever having to worry about her:

rejecting you,

breaking up with you,

cheating on you,

or divorcing you.

So, how do you APPLY the "Inception Principle" to make it her idea to be with you and STAY with you?

You follow the simple, 4-step process of the Inception Method.

Let me show you the 4 steps right now:

  • Step 1


    This is why "acting aloof" doesn't work. You MUST encourage her to chase you in an active way. It's your job to "trigger" her chase mechanism. You can't just sit there and expect her to magically start chasing you. There are MANY specific things you can do that will cause her to chase you.

  • Step 2

    You must also REFUSE to chase her

    AFTER you actively encourage her to chase you, you must refuse to chase her any time she tries to get you to. Guys who "act disinterested" or "play hard to get" are not successful because they do step 2 BEFORE step 1. All you have to do is complete step 1 and THEN step 2. There are MANY specific situations that require you to be "non-reactive" and refuse to chase her.

  • Step 3

    MAINTAIN Her Interest

    Give her the 4 specific things that keep her interested in you as long as you want.

  • Step 4

    BECOME the Naturally Attractive Man

    Insert your unique personality into the attraction-specific inner game processes, body language patterns, and conversation styles that make you as naturally attractive as possible. The more you do this step, the easier the other 3 steps become.

bigmanoncampusIf you don't take any action at all, you'll never attract beautiful, high-quality women and you'll miss every good opportunity out there. Is this what you desire? No way, right?

Well, the answer is to attract women by becoming MORE of who you really are, not less. That way you get dramatically better results almost automatically without having to try so hard. And, your success is sustainable so you can keep dating the women you really like as long as you want.

Here's the secret: the less you get off your "true path" to try to get women, the more attractive you become as long as you insert your unique personality into the attraction-specific inner game processes, body language patterns, and conversation styles that make you as naturally attractive as possible.

I've seen literally hundreds of men learn to become "naturals" with women over the past decade. The ones who were the most successful - and that means they had the most gorgeous women chasing them, the most amazing girlfriends, and the best wives - were the ones who seemed like they were trying the least!

Over the past 13 years, I've developed a dating and relationship System for men that I call the "Inception Method." This is a step-by-step process of making it HER IDEA to keep talking to you, kiss you, hook up with you, date you, be your girlfriend, be your wife, and STAY with you as long as you want in a way that makes you MORE of who you are and requires LESS "effort" than memorizing routines or trying to "trick" women into liking you.

That's right: we don't try to trick women, run routines, put women down, serenade women outside their windows at night, or try too hard. We attract the women we want while becoming more of our real selves every day.

We value doing what works in the most natural, ethical way possible because we love women and want to get everything we want with them and feel GREAT about it.

The Inception Method is what allows you to breakthrough to ultimate dating and relationship success without giving up who you are or putting women down.


I'm not going to lie to you: The Inception Method is definitely not for everyone. For example:

  • If you don't LOVE WOMEN, this is NOT for you (and why exactly do you want women so much if you don't even like them...maybe get some help?)
  • If you want to try to "trick" women into liking you instead of becoming MORE of your real self in the process of getting the women you want...this is NOT for you.
  • If you don't want to TAKE ACTION and apply the simple tweaks that will lead to your success, this is not for you.

I'm not going to lie: The Inception Method isn't MAGIC...it requires you to TAKE ACTION to apply proven success principles and insert your unique personality into proven success patterns to see the results you want.

Anything that gets you real, sustainable, permanently better results with the women you really want cannot be accomplished by simply sitting on your couch, never talking to women, performing magic tricks, or taking some kind of "magic pill."

However, it's easy-to-understand and everything is laid out for you step-by-step. Fair enough? Hey, if you're looking for "magic tricks," Google the "Houdini Method" and maybe you'll get lucky...If you want results that have stood the test of MILLENNIA, then read on.

You MUST be okay with taking action and making some adjustments in the short-term that make you more successful over the long-term. If you are, here's a System you've never seen before, AND you'll attract better-looking, higher-quality women by becoming MORE of your real self.

"So What Do I Do Next?"

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