Step 3: Stop Reacting

The guy in this picture isn't overly angry because of anything a WOMAN did - he's overly upset because of his own interpretation of reality.

A woman can't "make you" feel anything. Your ability to NOT react to anything "negative" that happens with a woman determines your real level of attractiveness.

Passing her tests is what inspires deeper attraction for you inside of her and eventually causes her to fall in love with you (not how you act when everything is perfect). The best way to ALWAYS pass her tests so her attraction and love for you keep increasing is to take total responsibility for your own emotions at all times.

YOU are the CAUSE of your emotions, not the external environment.

That's what makes you the naturally attractive man.

If she likes you even a little bit and you actively encourage her to chase you, refuse to chase her, and you pass all of her tests by never reacting, she will fall in love with you.

Then, all you have to do is MAINTAIN her feelings for you for as long as you want her to stay. I'll show you HOW on the next page.