"THEY are pursuing ME now!"

The moment I got this system, I planned 3 first dates in that week. Not only did I hook up with all 3 of those dates, but now they are pursuing me for another date.

Thank you Jim for making such a revolutionary product. Heck the section on Body Language was worth the price of admission alone.

Patrick J.

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"You will get results!"

This is THE BEST advice on how to get that second and third date and making her your girlfriend. Follow what Jim says and you will get results.

This program will eliminate any mistakes you were making and will give you the know how. I highly recommend it.

Jon W.

What We Cover in This Life-Changing 8-Module, 5+ Hour Multimedia Program:

  • EXACTLY what to do on your first date so that she will be DYING to meet up with you again.
  • How to create the frame that YOU are the prize that she has to earn the RIGHT way.
  • How to make HER escalate on YOU so you never have to worry about "making a move" at the wrong time ever again and so she LOVES being physical with you.
  • 17 mindset shifts that will instantly skyrocket your dating success.
  • What makes for a good first date and what doesn't so you can avoid common first date mistakes.
  • Where you should take her on your first date (and your 2nd & 3rd date) to make sure she gets all the right signals from you.
  • When to end the date to make sure you keep her wanting more.
  • How to crush your first date conversations so she has way more fun and feels more connected and attracted to you.
  • Body language secrets that make her feel comfortable with you and attracted to you at the same time.
  • EXACTLY what to do after your date to make sure she will meet up again.
  • What to do between dates that sets you apart from EVERY OTHER GUY out there and drives her interest in you through the roof.
  • A date assessment so you can more objectively decide if you should ask her out again.
  • Everything you need to know to keep her coming back for more so that she FINALLY gets to be with an awesome guy - YOU.

Here's What's Inside the First Date God Program So You Know EXACTLY What You're Getting Today:

  • Module 1: Dating Paradigms (These mindset shifts make you instantly more attractive).
  • Module 2: Date Ideas (Exactly what kinds of dates are good and which ones to avoid).
  • Module 3: First Date Game Plan (Exactly what to do to prepare for and go on your date).
  • Module 4: First Date Conversation (Know what to say at all times).
  • Module 5: First Date Body Language (Make her feel more attracted to you without words).
  • Module 6: After Your First Date (Know exactly what to do between dates that separates you from every other guy and makes her want to meet up with you again).
  • Module 7: Date Assessment (Use this tool to be more objective when you decide if you will ask her out again).
  • Module 8: First Date God Closing (Final thoughts to keep you motivated and the importance of your self-image).
  • Video breakdowns of both good and bad body language so you can SEE it for yourself.
  • A Breakdown of good and bad texting examples between dates so you'll know what good texting looks like.
  • Amp Your State Before Your Date. This awesome bonus module will make sure you feel incredible going into your dates so that you can easily make her feel good too (she will want more of you).

Yours right now for only $27.

(One-Time ONLY Discount for New Customers!)

"Best Dating Advice Out There!"

You know, I've looked into a few PUA programs and ebooks and I've honestly found First Date God the best dating advice out there! Its not your your standard PUA bullsh*t either, its better. The reason being is because its DOWN TO EARTH, its REALISTIC, and its stuff YOU WILL USE!

Welcome to the real world. This is quality dating advice. There's no fluff, no filler and NO BULLSH*T! If you're the kind of guy that can get to the point of hooking up that first date, then this will greatly increase your chances of getting a second and third date (and more).

- George O.

"How to Date the Easiest, Most Natural & High-Status Way."

Warning: This program is not for wanna-be “PUAs” (pick-up artists). There are so many brands out there advertising “techniques” or “game” to sleep with women in the quickest way possible. This is not that kind of product. There just aren’t enough dating products out right now that focus on dating the natural way.

I am lucky to say that with First Date God, I believe that Jim has already established himself as one of the top guys in this field.

If you want a total mindshift in the way you think about the dating world, if you want multiple light bulbs to going off in your head, if you want to date in the easiest and most natural, high status way, you must get First Date God!

I have a date that I am going to set up soon and I couldn’t be more relaxed and confident after going through this product!

- Dave H.

"No Fluff; Awesome Content."

First Date God cuts out the fluff and makes things very easy to understand not only for dating, but also for conversation in general. It's one of the best tools I've used in learning conversation skills, and just having fun in general! It's freaking AWESOME, and you guys won't regret buying this.

- Alexander C.

"First Date God Will Make Sure You Show Up With Your A-Game."

I’ve seen so many “Dating products” out there yet none of them really get deep into nailing that oh-so important first date like First Date God does!

And what’s even more exciting is that I’ve seen so many self-help programs in dating yet First Date God has actionable material I’ve never seen before in any of the other programs which is just a breath of fresh air.

Being prepared for the First Date is one of those things you can either learn through grueling experiences or going through First Date God and showing up with your A-Game.

- Pasha Z.

Yours right now for only $27.

(One-Time ONLY Discount for New Customers!)

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