We Can Do Better

The way we do dating and relationships has changed drastically over the last few hundred years...

We live longer than ever before.

Gender roles are evolving.

We marry "for love."

Yet, the divorce rate is around 50%.

The average wedding costs $30,000.

The average divorce costs $150,000.

The stat that scares me the most is that ONLY 10% OF MARRIAGES ARE HAPPY, HEALTHY, AND FUNCTIONAL.

This revelation comes from decades of research and numerous studies.

The highest number I've seen is 30%.

That means that when you see your awesome friends getting married, not only is it just 50/50 that they'll stay married, it's also 70-90% likely that they won't be in a happy, healthy, functional marriage.

It's not as if this problem is new.

It's not like human beings in the past were magically better at relationships naturally.

We just have the resources and time to re-think the way we do things now.

This is most definitely a "first-world problem" because survival is always number one.

Healthy, satisfying relationships aren't required for survival.

We now have the time and energy to find solutions to this problem as a society and to wait until we find answers to make decisions in our own lives as individuals...

...I won't get married until I'm convinced that I can be in the 10% and I'm absolutely sure it's what I want.

And, more importantly, I want YOU to have the ability to CHOOSE the kinds of relationships you want to have.

I see this as a HUGE opportunity for growth; for myself and for society as a whole.

We can do better.

Relationship experts have figured out most of the factors involved in having satisfying, healthy relationships.

I'm working to develop the necessary qualities and beginning to look for partners who have them or want to work on them too.

In the mean time, I want to do my part to change this stat.

While relationship experts know the qualities and behaviors that produce healthy relationships, they often ignore female interest-level as the foundation of a romantic relationship and the critical factor in the beginning stages of all male/female dynamics.

If you're just looking to hook-up, it's all about female interest-level.

If you want to have any kind of satisfying long-term relationship, a woman MUST have high interest-level in you in addition to having the qualities of personality that allow you to create a healthy relationship with her.

I focus on female interest-level in addition to healthy relationships and relationship satisfaction.

So, I'll share what I've learned over the last 13 years studying all things dating and relationships, experimenting in my real life, and making almost every mistake myself with you here and in my newsletter.

While no woman can make you happy, raising her interest-level in you and maintaining her interest long-term are skills you can learn.

So is creating relationships that are ultimately satisfying and healthy.

It starts with YOU and expands into your interactions with the women you meet.

Attractandkeepher.com is dedicated to all phases of your relationships with women so that you can create the kinds of connections you want.

About Jim Wolfe

“I own all of Jim’s programs. One of my favorite things about Jim is that he’s 0% about ‘pumping you up’ and 200% about content.”  -Will J.

“There are so many brands out there advertising “techniques” or “game” to sleep with women in the quickest way possible. There just aren’t enough dating products out right now that focus on dating the natural way.

I believe that Jim has already established himself as one of the top guys in this field.”  -Dave H.

JimWolfeFace1Jim Wolfe helps men:

  1. Live without regret.
  2. Build genuine confidence.
  3. Achieve Fulfilling Success.
  4. Have satisfying relationships.

Jim shows men how to create an amazing reality for themselves that they can then share with others.

He is obsessed with reading, writing, learning, travel, and personal growth. He draws on a tremendous variety of sources to create effective educational experiences.

He tends to be science and evidence-minded, but he’s open to anything that actually works and looks for personal growth lessons in everything he does.

Jim doesn’t want to motivate you for a few hours or days. He wants your internal life followed closely by your external life to be permanently better after you connect with him.

Fulfilling Success

Jim wants you to have all the knowledge you need to be as fulfilled, happy, and successful as you want to be (whatever that means to you).

Jim earned his M.A. in Communication and B.B.A. in Business Economics from Boise State University and is the author of the book Level Up: Your Guide to Authentic Confidence and Internal Bliss.

Please send all inquiries to: jimwolfehelpdesk@gmail.com

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