ATTENTION MEN who never want to settle when it comes to women

Revealed: The Rejection-Proof Way to Attract Your Ideal Woman and Make Sure She Never Even THINKS About Leaving YOU...

WITHOUT changing your personality or using "sleazy tricks"...

WITHOUT turning into a "jerk" or pretending you don't want her...

WITHOUT spending boatloads of cash...

And even if you've never had a girlfriend before...

or you've been divorced 3 times already...

FACT: You have been lied to if you think you need to use "sleazy tricks," change your personality, wear silly outfits, buy women drinks, dinners, gifts, and flowers, or even put women down or pretend you don't want them in order to get the women you really want.

HOWEVER, you can attract beautiful, high-quality women and keep them interested in you in a way that you can feel good about.

FACT: You have been misled if you think you need to be rich, famous, good-looking, and steroided-out to get the women you really want.

HOWEVER, most of the things that make you attractive when a woman first sees you are in YOUR CONTROL. Women value looks, however, they value them less than we do and their criteria are completely different!

FACT: Women are hard-wired to RUN AWAY if you CHASE THEM...HOWEVER, they are also hard-wired to CHASE YOU and if you do everything right, they will. The better looking they are, the more this is true.

FACT: You cannot find this natural female-attracting System anywhere else. I have sole ownership of it, and it's only found right here, on this VERY keep reading...

I'm not asking you to just "buy a book." I'm asking you to read what I have to say in this letter. It affects men everywhere... especially if you're getting hit or miss results with women or you're getting rejected and left for other men and don't know why.

This letter will change your life.

You are being bombarded with misinformation today from every angle...and it's KEEPING YOU from getting the women you want

Did you know?

It's natural for women to chase men, not the other way around.

Have a look at all the men around you buying women drinks, texting them all day, buying them flowers, dinners, and gifts, writing them poems and letters, and chasing them around.

Have a look at the guys wearing outlandish outfits, using cheesy "pick-up lines" and "robotic routines" who are always worried about what to say next, and the ones standing in the corner acting aloof, never smiling, and putting women down.

And look around at all the guys begging women to stay with them.

Now you tell me: are they successful with women?

Do you see them with awesome girlfriends, amazing wives, or dating high-quality, fun, gorgeous women?

Are women insanely attracted to them, chasing them, falling in love with them, and STAYING in love with them?

I'll bet you said, "No," and you'd be correct. That's probably why only 44% of married women surveyed by AOL and Women's Day Magazine in 2006 said they would marry the same man again.

It's also probably why we have such a high divorce rate and why most of the time, the woman files for divorce.

And, it's most likely the reason only 10-30% of relationships are happy, healthy, and functional.

We have HUGE PROBLEMS when it comes to dating and relationships today.

Why? Because good men just like you have been misled and lied to by Hollywood, marketers, men's magazines, dating "gurus," well-intentioned but misguided friends and family, and our entire culture.

You probably believe that you have to change your personality, be rich and famous, or be super-buff and good-looking to get the women you really want, when what you REALLY need to do is become MORE of your real self and become the naturally attractive man that you are deep down using a simple step-by-step process.

"Magic" tricks, sappy declarations of love, and pretending you don't want her not required

The most successful, most naturally attractive men don't do any of that stuff, and they are they guys who GET WHAT THEY WANT.

Can you imagine George Clooney, Brad Pitt, or Channing Tatum using a cheesy pick-up line?

Or crying as they tell a woman how much they love her and begging her to stay?

Or even playing hard to get?

Not at all. They're too busy being SUCCESSFUL and dating the women they REALLY WANT to do any of those things.

That's how REGULAR MEN all over the world have LEARNED to be successful with women and have "become" NATURALS in their 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's and even 70's!

And that's exactly how you'll do it becoming the NATURALLY ATTRACTIVE MAN using all their natural, scientific attraction and love secrets.

All I did was consolidate everything the most successful, satisfied men on the planet are doing into a step-by-step guide that any guy who wants to be successful with women can insert his UNIQUE PERSONALITY into to see massive results without contorting yourself into the "mold" of some "guru's" personality.

Listen: My successful clients and I don't use any magic potions, pills, or tricks, we don't serenade women at night hoping they'll love us back, and we definitely don't put women down. If that's your thing, this just isn't for you. We LOVE WOMEN and we want to get everything we want with them AND feel great about it.

The Answer is Found Within the "Inception Method"

The Inception Method is a simple, 4-step process that causes a woman to chase you and stay with you as long as you want her. If you follow it the RIGHT WAY and at the RIGHT times, you will get everything you desire and deserve when it comes to women and feel great about it.

The best part is that it works for regular guys all over the world.

It's your SECRET WEAPON when it comes to the love game and it allows you to compete with guys who are richer than you, better looking than you, in better shape than you, and who have better personalities!

How do I know all of this?


I'm Jim Wolfe, M.A. and thanks to lots of women giving me a chance and then RUNNING AWAY as soon as I really started liking them (thanks ladies!), I determined to make it my MISSION to figure out this whole dating and relationship "thing" once-and-for-all.

So, I spent the last 13 years studying the most successful men in the world, reading 100's of books from top experts looking at dating from every angle, reading 100's of academic journal articles about dating and relationships, spending THOUSANDS of dollars on online and live training, coaching real men in the real world to find out what REALLY works, gaining lots of my own personal experience, AND earning my master's degree in COMM focusing on male/female dynamics.

My Inception Method Simply Works... While Pretending To Be Someone You're Not, Being Needy, or Putting Women Down Eventually Chases Every Beautiful, High-Quality Woman Away In Real Life!

The Inception Method works...and let me tell you, I've seen it ALL!

I've seen it, I've tried it, my clients and friends have tried it. We know what's out there when it comes to dating advice and we know what really works when it comes to attracting beautiful, high-quality women and keeping them around as long as you want.

In fact, it's the ONLY thing that works when it comes to a woman feeling TRUE attraction and LOVE for you.

EVERY successful man in the history of humankind has used the Inception Method whether he knew it or not.

Listen: just because a woman goes out with you once, agrees to be your girlfriend, or even marries you doesn't mean she's truly attracted to you or in love with you!

Women will date you and even marry you for an infinite number of reasons, only one of which is her feeling insane attraction and love for you.

However, making sure she FEELS incredibly attracted to you and stays that way is the only way to be sure that she will stick around, never reject you, never cheat on you, and never leave you.

The Inception Method works. You just have to be willing to TAKE ACTION to implement it and you must insert your unique personality into the 4-step process.

There are no "magic pills," "silver bullets," potions, colognes, fail-proof pickup lines, or anything else that will MAGICALLY make any woman want you, and you know it.

Every shady marketer wants you to believe that there's some kind of "short cut" to getting every woman you desire. They're full of it. And you're way too smart to buy into that, right?

Now, there's good news, too: "taking action" doesn't mean it's complicated to follow the 4-step process. "Taking action" doesn't mean "working hard." And "taking action" does not mean it will take you forever to see results.

Remember, my successful clients and I believe in doing what WORKS. The Inception Method leads to REAL, SUSTAINABLE results in the real world when it comes to dating the women you really want. Just know THIS...

This works for any man, of any age, no matter how experienced you are or where you're from

The Inception Method is based on one very simple, powerful idea (the "Inception Principle"):

It must be HER IDEA to:

keep talking to you,

kiss you,

hook up with you,

date you,

be your girlfriend,

be your wife,

and, most importantly, STAY with you

as long as YOU want her to.

So your job, just like in the movie "Inception" is to ACTIVELY plant these "idea seeds" in her subconscious and then LET THEM GROW.

See, when everything is HER IDEA, you get what you desire without ever having to worry about her:

rejecting you,

breaking up with you,

cheating on you,

or divorcing you.

So, how do you make it her idea to be with you and STAY with you?

You follow the simple, 4-step process of the Inception Method.

Let me show you the 4 steps right now:

  • Step 1


    This is why "acting aloof" doesn't work. You MUST encourage her to chase you in an active way. It's your job to "trigger" her chase mechanism. You can't just sit there and expect her to magically start chasing you. There are MANY specific things you can do that will cause her to chase you.

  • Step 2

    You must also REFUSE to chase her

    AFTER you actively encourage her to chase you, you must refuse to chase her any time she tries to get you to. Guys who "act disinterested" or "play hard to get" are not successful because they do step 2 BEFORE step 1. All you have to do is complete step 1 and THEN step 2. There are MANY specific situations that require you to be "non-reactive" and refuse to chase her.

  • Step 3

    MAINTAIN Her Interest

    Give her the 4 specific things that keep her interested in you as long as you want.

  • Step 4

    BECOME the Naturally Attractive Man

    Insert your unique personality into the attraction-specific inner game processes, body language patterns, and conversation styles that make you as naturally attractive as possible. The more you do this step, the easier the other 3 steps become.

Now you're genuinely confident, satisfied, and in total control

Now, here's the really great part...when you use the Inception Method, you know exactly what to do at all times. You never have to worry about being confused. You never have to worry about a woman REJECTING you. AND, you become MORE of your real self, not less. And that makes you GENUINELY confident (not cocky or "fake" confident), which is the #1 most attractive masculine trait.

And, maybe for the first time, you have total control over your dating life, which means you absolutely will not settle, which means you will be completely SATISFIED with your dating life, which is the best thing for you, for the women you date, for your friends, family, and co-workers, and the WORLD.

I know, this sounds so incredibly simple...and it is. You see, you might just be confused when it comes to what to do these days in order to date the women you really want.

There's so much bad dating and relationship advice out there, it's enough to confuse even the smartest, most successful men. And it's not your fault. From Hollywood to Advertising Agencies, from dating "gurus" to men's magazines, from friends and family to culture itself all giving you confusing, contradictory, and counterproductive advice, men everywhere are struggling when it comes to dating today.

Our motto here is: Do what GETS RESULTS in the most natural, ethical way possible.

Everything you need to know has been condensed into this step-by-step system:

So, let's re-cap what we've learned so far:

  • The most effective way to attract a woman and keep her interested in you is encouraging her to chase you and THEN refusing to chase her, NOT using "pickup lines" or "routines"... NOT buying her drinks, expensive dinners, flowers, and gifts, and NOT playing hard to get or acting like you don't want her either...
  • The mistake you MUST AVOID is to use a "system" that requires you to be "fake" and change your personality or try to "trick" women into liking you...
  • The solution is found in a natural, step-by-step system that allows you to become MORE of who you are and still get everything you desire when it comes to women...
  • The results have been proven by regular men all over the world...and now YOU can have the "step-by-step system" version of the fail-proof success principles I've been lucky enough to stumble upon!

These Techniques For Attracting Women and Keeping Them Interested in You Are Really Hard to Find

Unless you've spent every moment of the last 13 years of your life learning everything you can about dating and relationships, analyzing the most successful, satisfied men in the world along with regular men who LEARNED to be successful with women, making almost every mistake and experiencing almost every kind of success you can have yourself, conducting original research for your master's degree, AND can read minds, you simply cannot find this specific System anywhere on the planet but on this page.

Sure, you might be able to find similar approaches to dating, because what works is always what works. And, if you really wanted to, you could spend the next decade reading everything out there, going through all the available training, and poring over the academic literature and probably come up with 80% of what I cover in Attract and Keep Her.

You could do that...but why?

I've not only created the System FOR you. I've already put all of the most important dating principles and EXACTLY how to implement them into an easy-to-understand, step-by-step guide that you can easily read AND put into action in a few days. That's it. No fluff, no filler, no sugar-coating, no "snake oil," and straight to the good stuff...the stuff that WORKS.

And, my clients have been telling me that it's FUN to read!

So, it's up to you: get the ultimate step-by-step guide to dating and relationship success that I've created for you, or start digging around and hope you figure it out.

And, no matter what you decide, you will never access all the specifics that can make or break your results and prevent further pain and rejection, and all the freebies I'm about to show you without choosing to own your copy of Attract and Keep Her.

I can't take all the credit for this system

I wasn't kidding when I said I got lucky and "stumbled" on this natural female-attracting so effective that regular guys from all over the globe can use it without pretending to be someone they're not.

That was the result of having access to cutting-edge research, regular men letting me into their lives to learn about what really works, being surrounded by some of the most successful, satisfied men on the planet and seeing their success first-hand, and having incredible mentors who taught me everything they know in order to make Attract and Keep Her the most attractive dating book for men on the planet!

It took the collective effort of hundreds of men and women all over the world who do research on dating and relationships, the true experts in the dating field who really know what works in real life, and thousands of real men and women experiencing every level of dating and relationship success and failure to "lift me up" to see the truth:

The happiest, most successful men actively encourage women to chase them AND refuse to chase women at the SAME TIME...Everything's better when it's HER IDEA...and the happiest couples involve a woman who is DEEPLY in love with the man...And all of this can be achieved by regular men who are willing to TAKE ACTION by following a proven, time-tested (over thousands of years) step-by-step method. 

Once you understand it, the process is simple...yet:

Go it alone, and you will end up confused and frustrated

Every day I see guys who try to do it alone, without my step-by-step System, Attract and Keep Her.

What I see is NOT pretty.

With a divorce rate hovering around 50% and relationship SATISFACTION much lower than that, we simply MUST try something different...something that WORKS.

When most guys learn a few things about dating, they STILL get it wrong.


Because encouraging women to chase you doesn't involve cheesy pickup lines or robotic routines. And refusing to chase women doesn't mean never showing any interest, putting women down, or never smiling. And pretending to be something you're not blows up in your face if you meet a woman you want to KEEP dating.

A lot of men start learning PUA tactics, which might trick a woman into sleeping with you once, yet they always seem to meet a woman they want to KEEP dating at some point, and then they have NO CLUE what to do, and they LOSE her...every time.

Guys see how effective the Inception Method is and they assume they can just do it by themselves, without the instructions and specifics that come in the Attract and Keep Her book.

Well, they usually end up confused and in even more pain than they were before. That's because the Inception Method is highly specific and one mistake can easily derail everything else you do.

Would you go down to your local hospital and sub in for your local neurosurgeon after watching a few brain surgeries on TV...and think you knew what you were doing? Of course not. This is no different. When I tell men that there are only four steps, they often try to GUESS how to implement doesn't work like that.

There are FOUR steps, but the steps ABSOLUTELY MUST be done at very specific times and in exactly the right way in order to see the results you desire.

And I don't have to tell you that all it takes sometimes with women is ONE false move...and you're out with her...FOREVER (you don't get 3 strikes in dating).


This is definitely not for everyone

There are simply some people I do not want to give a copy of my book to...and I mean NO offense, but I just don't want you to waste your time and money. Fair?

Attract and Keep Her is WRONG For You IF:

  • You think "simple" means that you don't have to TAKE ACTION and implement the steps in your real life. Dream on. Dating and relationship success requires work. I've just made it as simple as possible.
  • You don't want to change any of your dating habits. I cover some simple, basic tweaks that you will need to make to see the results you want. They are essential if you want to date beautiful, high-quality women. Nothing radical and you don't have to change your personality AT ALL...but still, you can't keep behaving the exact same way you are now and wake up next to the women of your dreams.
  • You are unable to have a basic conversation with a woman. "Attract and Keep Her" works best with REAL women in REAL life. If you can't talk to a woman at all, this book won't help you until you deal with that. I show you EXACTLY how to talk to women in the most attractive way possible without memorizing routines or changing your personality, but you have to at least be able to get the words out in front of a woman no matter how nervous you are. Practicing what I teach with some female friends is ideal until you feel comfortable.
  • You think, "I'm too old to do this." Listen: you are NOT too old. Period! I've seen guys in their late 60's crushing it with this System with younger women. So get that out of your head. "Attract and Keep Her" is designed for men ages if you're 100, maybe you ARE too old. Otherwise, you're not.
  • Or, you are just one of those guys who will buy the book and then just let it sit there on your desktop or in iBooks and never read it. Please, don't waste your money if that's the case. However, if that IS the case, just realize you're only going to get the same results you've always gotten and the BEST CASE scenario is that you settle for a woman you don't even like that much, and EVEN THEN she will probably leave you at some point (the stats don't lie)...unless you do something DIFFERENT, something that WORKS, STARTING TODAY.


Don't be fooled by how simple this System looks

Horses Running2The way a horse runs looks simple...yet it's one of the most powerful movements in the animal kingdom. "Simple" is almost always the best way to do anything. After all, the shortest distance between two points is a STRAIGHT LINE.

That's what I've done for you: Whether you want an awesome girlfriend, an amazing wife, or just want to date lots of beautiful, high-quality women, I've made dating and relationship success as simple as possible.

So please: DO NOT be fooled by how simple the Inception Method will look. It might even seem almost "too" simple to work...but just DO IT. Put it into ACTION in your real life. It will work for you, guaranteed.

Why it's just $47

I wanted to make sure this is an absolute no-brainer for any guy wanting a natural, simple, proven way to attract beautiful, high-quality women and keep them interested as long as you want without changing your personality or putting women down.

I figured I'd start at this low price and keep it there until we just could not keep up with the customer support emails (we get a lot of "thank you!" emails and my team and I think it's only right to answer them all).

Plus, this is not some super-fancy book with a million-dollar publisher's ad budget. This is just a simple, comprehensive, step-by-step guide to dating and relationships that will give you the ANSWERS in as little time as possible.

I did the hard work. I rounded up this information from over a decade of intense academic and informal study, looking at what REALLY works for REAL MEN in the REAL WORLD.

But I didn't "invent" anything. I just compiled it all for you and put it into an easy-to-understand, step-by-step format.

My Iron-Clad, 60-Day, TRIPLE GUARANTEE:

I am SO confident that Attract and Keep Her will be the BEST DATING BOOK you have ever purchased that I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is by offering this TRIPLE money-back guarantee:

Guarantee #1: Use my System for 60 days ON ME. If you do not get the best results you’ve ever gotten in your life…no matter what your goals are…I will give you 100% of your money back… OR:

Guarantee #2: If you don’t have at least one beautiful, high-quality woman CHASING YOU within the first 60 days…I will give you 100% of your money back… OR:

Guarantee #3: If you don’t like the SERVICE you receive and the EASE of purchase, same guarantee: 100% of your money back!

I stand behind my product AND my commitment to YOU, your SUCCESS, and most importantly, your HAPPINESS.

That's how absolutely positive I am that Attract and Keep Her will revolutionize the way you see dating and relationships - as well as get you the results you desire.

And I want to give you some

really awesome gifts today...

I am supremely confident that I'm giving you the the absolute BEST dating and relationship System for men ever developed.

Yet, I'm not stopping there. I want you to be so over-the-top thrilled with your decision to CLAIM your copy of Attract and Keep Her today, I am tossing in these incredible VIP bonuses...

"Gain the CONFIDENCE that comes with ALWAYS knowing EXACTLY what to say without memorizing routines!"

Trains your subconscious to be more naturally witty so you can have limitless attractive conversations with a woman from the first moment you meet her until 99 years later...this is AWESOME if you're a "logical" guy and it will make it easier to have fun, deep, and seductive conversations with women so they smile and open up to you.

24-Page E-book YOURS FREE!

"Get Her # and Text Her Without Chasing Her So She Keeps Coming Back For More!"

So many awesome guys ruin their chances with women by making silly texting mistakes. This step-by-step guide will make sure you know how to get her number and text her in the most attractive way possible so she keeps wanting to see you.

19 Page E-book YOURS FREE!

"Say Less...Get MORE!"

Your body language is absolutely critical to your dating success. Fixing your body language is what will allow you to see the biggest improvement in your results in the shortest amount of time possible (without changing your personality AT ALL!). They say that non-verbal communication is up to 94% of this guide will make sure your body is saying all the right things.

14-Page E-book YOURS FREE!

"Make Sure She Never Flakes!"

Have you ever had a great time or an "awesome conversation" with a woman, gotten her number, and gotten her to agree to meet up with you, only to have her FLAKE on you just before you were supposed to meet her?

Chances are, you didn't build enough RAPPORT with her, or you didn't build it with her correctly. This guide will show you how to build rapport with her in the most attractive possible way so she doesn't even THINK about flaking on you, and, incidentally, this kind of rapport over time is what leads to her falling in LOVE with you...

15-Page E-book YOURS FREE!


Dating is hard enough without giving yourself the best possible odds. This guide shows you how to be like “The Bachelor” instead of one of many contestants on “The Bachelorette” so you have MORE OPTIONS and get BETTER RESULTS with LESS WORK

10-Page E-Book YOURS FREE!

AND, for TAKING IMMEDIATE ACTION TODAY, I'm also throwing in this amazing VIP SUPER BONUS:

"SKYROCKET Her Attraction For YOU!"

Even the sweetest, most amazing women WILL test you, ESPECIALLY if they really like you.

This audio program will show you every test she can throw at you at any point and exactly how to handle each of them like a champion.

You'll start to see her tests as the huge opportunities they truly are and even enjoy it when she's giving you a hard time.

Audio program with over an hour of extremely powerful content:


If You Don't Take Advantage of This Offer, I Have a Parting "Gift" For You...

You're not going to like this, but I've been 100% honest with you so far, so I'm not going to stop now.

My parting "gift" is a dose of reality.

You can keep doing exactly what you're doing now. This will lead to the same hit or miss results you've been getting until today.

You will remain confused and in pain and other men will keep getting the women you want when we both know you're just as good as they are.

You will continue to face rejection on a regular basis.

You will most likely end up SETTLING for a woman you don't even like that much, and even then, she'll probably break up with you, cheat on you, and/or divorce you at some point...or, even worse, you'll be TRAPPED in a relationship you HATE with a woman who treats you like crap.

And you'll lose your self-respect.

The months and years will pass, and you will have LOST a golden opportunity to take advantage of a proven the absolute lowest price that will ever be offered.

Sure, that's not much of a gift...but I believe in "tough love" when it comes to your long-term happiness and making sure you get RESULTS.

And, I believe in YOU. I believe that you will make the best and only decision for your greatest chance at getting everything you desire and deserve when it comes to women and feeling good about it.

When you make this wise decision you will...

  • Wake up next to the women you REALLY want
  • Never have to worry about a woman "rejecting" you, breaking up with you, divorcing you, cheating on you, or leaving you for another guy ever again
  • Feel the renewed sense of genuine CONFIDENCE and FULFILLMENT that comes with TRULY understanding women and knowing exactly what to do at all times...and the success you see as a result
  • Get everything you desire and deserve when it comes to women and FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT
  • Stop the silly "magic" methods full of "tricks" that backfire on you and start dating in a way that's proven to attract the most beautiful, highest-quality women and KEEP them interested in you as long as YOU want
  • Be a better friend, family member, co-worker, and citizen of the WORLD because you're SATISFIED with your dating life
  • Be PROUD of yourself for investing in and betting on yourself
  • NEVER SETTLE when it comes to women
  • And so much more!

Click The "Add To Cart" Button To

Claim your copy of Attract and Keep Her for Just $47...

AND, it comes with a FREE 14-day trial of the Masters of Attraction Inner Circle Membership program. If you wish to continue your membership beyond the free trial, you'll be billed the low monthly price of $37/month after your trial expires. The best part: You can cancel your membership at any time. Just let us know and we'll take care of it for you right away.

To Your Dating and Relationship Success,

Creator, Attract and Keep Her

P. S. Remember the facts, you are not completely satisfied with your dating life or you wouldn't have read this far. The clock is ticking as you keep getting a little older every day and you absolutely must avoid buying into "magic tricks" if you ever have a hope of attracting the women you really desire and keeping them in your life as long as you want them. Using a natural, step-by-step System called the Inception Method, I've seen regular men of all ages all over the world LEARN to be successful with women.

That's why I dedicated the last 13 years of my life to figuring out exactly what works and what doesn't when it comes to dating and relationships and as you've seen in paragraph 22, the 4-step System is very simple.

And you may be asking yourself, still why is this only $47? It's because I'm on a personal MISSION to help 100,000 men live their ideal life and share it with their ideal women AND to increase the % of happy, healthy, functional relationships from 10-30% up to 40%. I'm TIRED of the status quo of people staying in unsatisfying relationships. I want men everywhere and the women they date to be as satisfied and happy as possible. Click here to order now:

Click The "Add To Cart" Button To

Claim your copy of Attract and Keep Her for Just $47...

AND, it comes with a FREE 14-day trial of the Masters of Attraction Inner Circle Membership program. If you wish to continue your membership beyond the free trial, you'll be billed the low monthly price of $37/month after your trial expires. The best part: You can cancel your membership at any time. Just let us know and we'll take care of it for you right away.

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